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There are many kendo multimedia out there. Unfortunately, there are also many resources that are not very reliable.

Here, I would like to introduce kendo resources including free/not-free books, magazines, videos and DVDs that I think are useful for kendo enthusiasts.

If you know any good kendo resources out there, please suggest them here as well.

If possible, I would like to purchase/rent a product you suggest and place my comment as well.

This is very important for future kendo development. You can use a form below for that.

And also you can leave your comment on each product page.

I want you to leave your honest opinion but without being hostile and rude. Such comments will not be welcome on this website.

And please give more comment than, "It was useful" or "I didn't like it”. Please mention "why" part. So in the previous examples, I would want you to write "how it was useful" and "why you didn't like it".

Thank you!


Kendo world magazine

Kendo-Guide's Review: This is the only magazine dedicated to kendo. Read more...


The Complete Musashi:
The Book of Five Rings and Other Works

Kendo-Guide's Review: This book is a translation of the Book of Five Rings and also other Musashi's works (first time ever!) Read more...

Kendo: A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Swordsmanship

Kendo-Guide's Review: Detailed kendo book for beginners and the intermediate. Read more...

Kenndo by Paul Collins

Kendo-Guide's Review: This is designed for kids, but it gives us a good outline of kendo and related Japanese culture. Read more...

Complete Kendo by John J. Donohue

Kendo-Guide's Review: This book is written by an anthropologist so he explains kendo from historical and cultural points of views and he does it very well. Read more...

Kendo Lesson

Kendo-Guide's Review: This is written in Japanese. The book introduces unique methods of learning kendo. Read more...


Secrets of the Samurai Sword

Kendo-Guide's Review: I watched this program on TV and I really liked it. Read more...

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservation

Kendo-Guide's Review: Kendo is briefly introduced in this TV show. Read more...

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Pretty good. The Only issue I had is I don’t think it was explained out clean enough. If you had a sensei to teach you and where using the videos …

Do you know any good books on kendo? Not rated yet
Do you know any good books on kendo? I am looking for some books on Kendo. I am a member of a local club but I'd like to expend my general knowledge …

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