Do you know any good books on kendo?

by Davy

Do you know any good books on kendo?

I am looking for some books on Kendo. I am a member of a local club but I'd like to expend my general knowledge of kendo.

I know there are some books listed in the multimedia section, but the list is quite limited.

Something I'd like to know more about is (but not limited to) kendo in competition. How they keep score, etiquette during competition, etc...

Kendo-Guide.Com: Good question. This is one of the topics I wanted to cover.

You must go to the following pages before you go to Amazon or anywhere else on the Internet.

  1. International Kendo Federation (FIK) Website ・Books and DVDs section

  2. Kendo World ・Books section

You do not want to skip the FIK website. Research their books and DVDs. Then you can buy those books and DVDs through Amazon or some other website that would be convenient for you.

Kendo World (KW) is, as far as I know, the only one international company that is officially recognized by All Japan Federation (AJKF) and translated several books of AJKF. KW has also translated many articles and books published by Japanese well-known kendo magazines, Kendo Nippon and Kendo Jidai.

If you belong to a local kendo club, you probably should ask your teacher if he/she has a copy of what you want. If your teacher does not have one, a kendo federation your club belongs to may have.

Hope this helps.

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