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Kendo-Guide.Com has been striving to provide kendo learning resources to the public, ever since the first video was uploaded to Google Video in 2006. And in 2008, this website was created to spread kihon-based kendo to the world. Thanks to many fans all over the world, I could published a book and video series available to the world. Now I have more to provide. So check them out! 


Kendo Guide Free Online Course for Beginners

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Just started kendo? Thinking about starting kendo? You can go ahead and learn...

  • your goals as a beginner,
  • what you should learn first,
  • what you should be focusing to learn,
  • what you need to accomplish to improve as quickly as possible.

This course is designed for you to learn kendo as smoothly as possible by giving you specific goals to achieve as a beginner and how you should achieve them

Go ahead and jump in!

for beginners

Kendo Guide For Beginners

Learn all you need to know to begin your kendo including terminology, movements, etiquette and more. Available in paperback and/or kindle.

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Kendo Basics Video Series

Kendo Basics series are created so beginners can see what is going on in action. And this is designed to correspond to "Kendo Guide for Beginners". You can maximize your kendo study with this series and the book.

This is available in DVD format and streaming/download format.

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Kendo Guide for Complete Beginners

This was made for the members at Patreon.Com/KendoForLife and now available to the public.

And this video is designed to help you to understand "Kendo Guide for Beginners" and "Kendo Basics Video Series" 

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For The Intermediate

Kendo Guide For The Intermediate

"Kendo Guide for the Intermediate" is made for the members for Patreon.Com/KendoForLife and now it's available for the public.

This is designed for those who are going to take 1-dan, 2-dan or 3-dan exam so they can pass their exam and at the same time they can improve their kendo without wasting their time and efforts.

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Lessons from 8-dan

Makoto sensei's Kendo Lesson

Makoto Sensei's Kendo Lesson Video Series is available. Makoto Sato (Kendo Kyoshi, 8-dan) sensei's video series is made for adults. They are well-structured, easy to understand and follow

- Ikkyodo Strike with Ki Ken Tia Icchi
- Pass Your Exam with 4 Techniques

Check them out for more detail.

Online and Personal Lessons

Kendo for Life Online Lesson

"Kendo for Life Online Lessons" started! This is a live course for those who don't have access to a kendo dojo. We get together and practice kendo. This is a great way for you to learn kendo because immediately you get corrections while training. 

This is limited to 8 people per class because it is the maximum I can check while training.

You will get re-play so you can review what you learn any time. Also you can check yourself. This is very important when you learn; compare yourself and your teacher. 

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Private Lesson

"Kendo for Life Private Lesson" is available. You will get step by step and detailed instruction directly. 

Everyone is different. So you need instruction that is specifically made for you. 

We have a brief meeting so you know what you get from my lesson. And I know what you want from lesson. If what you want and what I instruct are different, you don't have to waste your money and time.

Click below if you want to get a private lesson from me! 

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Connect with me

You might want to ask me questions about techniques or you want me to check your kendo via video regularly. I can do that! You can connect with me through the service called, Patreon. This is a great way to get what you want right away. 

There are multiple layers of membership but all the members can directly message me and will get immediate attention from me if you reach out to me via Patreon. This the first place I always come and check if I receive any questions or not. 

If you become a platinum member, we can actually get together and talk about kendo online! Many people simply support my work by becoming a supporter through Patreon. Check it out and we can have fun together!


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