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Kendo-Guide.Com has been striving to provide kendo learning resources to the public, ever since the first video was uploaded to Google Video in 2006. And in 2008, this website was created to spread kihon-based kendo to the world. Thanks to many fans all over the world, I could published a book and video series available to the world. Now I have more to provide. So check them out! 

for beginners

Kendo Guide For Beginners

Learn all you need to know to begin your kendo including terminology, movements, etiquette and more. Available in paperback and/or kindle.

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Kendo Basics Video Series

Kendo Basics series are created so beginners can see what is going on in action. And this is designed to correspond to "Kendo Guide for Beginners". You can maximize your kendo study with this series and the book.

This is available in DVD format and streaming/download format.

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Kendo Guide for Complete Beginners

This was made for the members at Patreon.Com/KendoForLife and now available to the public.

And this video is designed to help you to understand "Kendo Guide for Beginners" and "Kendo Basics Video Series" 

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For The Intermediate

Kendo Guide For The Intermediate

"Kendo Guide for the Intermediate" is made for the members for Patreon.Com/KendoForLife and now it's available for the public.

This is designed for those who are going to take 1-dan, 2-dan or 3-dan exam so they can pass their exam and at the same time they can improve their kendo without wasting their time and efforts.

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