Kendo Guide for The intermediate 
instructions to pass 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan

What is "Kendo Guide for the Intermediate"? I would like to introduce this to you so you can utilize this to improve your kendo and pass your exam.  

who can benefit from this?

This series is designed for 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan examiners so they can train with specific goals, i.e. what they should be working on in each training. 

Many of kendo practitioners outside Japan start kendo in their adulthood such as in their 20s and 30s, somethings in their 40s. If you are one of them, then you need to have specific goals so you know exactly what you should do in your training. 

From now on, stop training without goals. You are making so much efforts so you should improve. Train hard and smart. So you can pass your exam without any problems.

What Do You learn

The main theme of this series is to pass 3-dan. So if you train to pass 3-dan, you should pass 1-dan and 2-dan with no problems. So the followings are the core of the series.

  1. You will learn goals. What you need to achieve to gain 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan. Without knowing what you need to do, how can you improve anything? 
  2. Your final goal is to pass 3-dan. Consider 3-dan is to graduate the phase of "the basics of the dan grade".

ready to see "Kendo Guide for the Intermediate"?

  1. Starting Point: Big Map for Your Kendo Improvement
  2. Checklist (PDF file)
  3. Destinations and How to Get There
  4. Understanding of Seme
  5. Seme with Tsuki
  6. Fight Starts Before Fight
  7. Understanding Shikake Waza
  8. Kote Strike
  9. Dō Strike
  10. Small Men Strike with Ki Ken Tai Icchi
  11. A Practical Way to Receive KiriKaeshi
  12. Kirikaeshi for Your Level
  13. Ideal Men Strike
  14. Learn About the Distance
  15. Ki Ken Tai Icchi
  16. Small Men Mechanism
  17. Learn Ki Ken Tai Icchi with A Tool

* The audio of some videos skips a little bit. I sincerely apologize.

No only Videos, written Instructions as well

You will get the videos, which you can watch online and you can download them (check "what's vimeo). But not only videos that you will get.

I believe that the learning is better when you have both written instructions and visual instructions. So you will get written instructions as well. You can download the written instructions in PDF file. After your purchase, you will be directed to a download page. If not please contact me via my email address in the PayPal receipt. 

Start now and get access to the written instructions and videos RIGHT AWAY!

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What's Vimeo?

You can watch the instruction videos with your smartphone, tablet and smart TV. You can also download these videos.

You create an account with Vimeo.Com and start watching anytime anywhere as long as you have one of these devices.

Lastly, you deserve to improve as much effort as you put into your training. But that effort must be put into the right thing. You must make sure that your effort you are making in each training will improve you so you can constantly improve. Contact me anytime when you have questions before and/or after your purchase of this series.

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