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Firstly, this is totally free. So why not?

Secondly, you will have access to subscribers only videos as a member of Kendo For Life Study Group that I don't want to show to "everyone".

Too Personal To Share

I am not being stingy or mean, but there're some videos that are too personal to be in public. Most of them are from where I instruct kendo. But why am I sharing them with you then?

  • You will learn what I learned from the great senseis like the Late Tsurumaru sensei (9-dan) and more.
  • You will learn cultural and historical background of the kendo movements and etiquette.
  • You will learn the concept and principles of kendo more easily.
  • You will learn how kendo can benefit you.

The Videos Are About

  • Kendo Instructional Videos
  • Kendo Techniques
  • Kendo Kata (Forms)
  • Bokuto Kihon Ho
  • Variety of Training Methods
  • Kendo Teachings

To Know the Differences

Thirdly, I do my best to share my knowledge of kendo with you through the videos and articles, but it is very hard to express just in these media.

I might have to explain some Japanese culture behind a theory of kendo. So I sometimes email you about Japanese culture as well.

There are many people who think they are doing kendo but they are not. I don't want you to be one of them!

I am sharing those videos with you so you will be able to tell the differences between real kendo and "kendo-like" kendo.

Lastly, I would like to keep in touch with the people who are interested in Kendo.

Once you start kendo, you will realise that kendo study never ends.  I am currently 6th dan but I still struggle to understand many principles and concepts of kendo.  I am hoping to learn from each other through Kendo-Guide.Com.

Before you join us, however, I would like you to agree with the followings.

  1. You must agree that you will not tell anyone our URL of subscribers' only contents.
  2. You must agree that you will not steal videos and articles in subscribers' pages.
    * "stealing" here means downloading the videos to a computer without permission from Kendo-Guide.Com. 
  3. You must agree that you will not link to the subscribers' pages from any website.
  • If you keep the pages as "My favorite" in your internet browser, that is OK.
  • If you want to introduce Kendo-Guide.Com please use our top page URL,

Hope you will join us one day.

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