This site provides beginners and intermediate kendo practitioners, especially adults and later starters, with systematic step by step instructions. 

What is an Intermediate Short Course?

Based on 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan criteria and my experiences of being a judge for dan exams for years, I have made videos, checklists and study materials. Once you subscribe, you will get a checklist for your kendo right away. And you will received some tips for you to pass these dans. But you must confirm the reception of emails from me. Click the button below to start it right now! (You can unsubscribe anytime you want) 

Recent Articles

  1. Hiro's Pick: Miyazaki sensei vs Murayama sensei

    Mar 12, 19 05:27 AM

    This is All Japan East vs West Kendo Championships, the woman division. This is the taisho match. The first men strike is super good enough to convince me to introduce to you. Hope you enjoy.

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  2. [KFL] Note of Episode 147: Kendo for Youth vs Kendo for Adults

    Mar 11, 19 05:28 AM

    Here is the note of Kendo for Youth vs Kendo for Adults. Hope this helps!

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  3. Episode 147: Kendo for Youth vs Kendo for Adults

    Mar 10, 19 05:29 AM

    In this episode of Kendo Podcast, I am sharing the differences I think between kendo for youth and kendo for adults. Kendo is kendo but we need to do it differently. What should be different though? F…

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