This site provides beginners and intermediate kendo practitioners, especially adults and later starters, with systematic step by step instructions. 

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My name is Hiro Imafuji. I have a lot of passion to learn kendo and to help people learn kendo.

I create and share educational contents, my more than 39 years of experience and knowledge of kendo locally, nationally and internationally.

If you are new here, check out my articles such as the kendo basics. If you have no time, bookmark this page an come back for more contents.

Thank you again for your visit!

Hiro Imafuji

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  1. Striking fundamentals - Correcting a hard strike

    Jun 22, 21 11:47 AM

    Imafuji-sensei, my name is Charles, I hope you can assist. I have been training for two years and have found a flaw in my fundamentals. Due to the work

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  2. How can I build my stamina and last longer when I'm sparring?

    Jun 19, 21 08:51 AM

    Our training sessions are 2 hours long and quite intense, and the problem I'm having is that it's hard to last till the end when I'm sparring as I'm usually

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  3. Kendo Kata Kodachi No.1: Men Ukenagashi Men (Kata No.8)

    Feb 17, 21 06:28 PM

    Kendo Kata No.8 Kodachi No.1 Men Ukenagashi Men is explained here.

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