This site provides beginners and intermediate kendo practitioners, especially adults and later starters, with systematic step by step instructions. 

What is an Intermediate Short Course?

Based on 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan criteria and my experiences of being a judge for dan exams for years, I have made videos, checklists and study materials. Once you subscribe, you will get a checklist for your kendo right away. And you will received some tips for you to pass these dans. But you must confirm the reception of emails from me. Click the button below to start it right now! (You can unsubscribe anytime you want) 

Recent Articles

  1. Inspiring Speech that Reminds Me of Kendo

    Apr 25, 19 05:00 AM

    Here I want to share a speech made by William H. McRaven. Somehow I got myself to his video and immediately connected his speech to kendo.

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  2. Hiro's Pick: Ishida sensei vs Masago sensei

    Apr 24, 19 05:00 AM

    From the same video but a different tachiai. This one is between Ishida sensei vs Masago sensei. Ishida sensei was in a documentary that shows how he struggled to pass 8-dan even though he was a champ…

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  3. Hiro's Review: Fujiwara sensei vs Sakudo sensei

    Apr 23, 19 04:00 AM

    Very contracting kendo. Well, basically the nature of their kendo is hard (softness vs hardness). But in this tachiai, Fujiwara sensei is very active compared to Sakudo sensei.

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