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flat foot can affect my training ?

I have started my training for the first time in the last week. I have always suffered from dropped arches (flatfoot) also I have fractured my left foot

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How do I improve balance?

I have been doing Kendo for 2 years, about 1 time a week (our current situation here does not allow for more than that). One of my main problems is that

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Kendo in Japan

I have the opportunity to practice with a Kendo group in Japan. They practice in the same Dojo used by my Sensei for another budo, and he has offered to

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Practicing footwork at home

Hello, Hiro (I hope this is not too informal, sensei seems a bit much seeing as I've only just started learning about kendo and do not know you personally).

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I've only started kendo a month ago. Can you tell me how to relax more? Answer: Thank you for your question, Peter. This is one of the common questions

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Do you live and have classes in Australia?

Hi sensei, I hope you are doing well. I’ve watched a lot of your YouTube videos and have learned a bit of Kendo during this pandemic lockdown. I love

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It's Time to Practice the Teachings of Kendo: Katsujinken

It is time to practice the teachings of kendo, katsujinken to be specific.

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Shipping Kendo Equipment from Overseas

I'm currently living in Japan and practicing kendo in a smaller city. I will be moving back to the US next month, but want to keep up my kendo studies,

Continue reading "Shipping Kendo Equipment from Overseas"

Shinai charging doubts

Hello Sensei. There's a thing that I never understood during my Kendo training. We usually work a lot doing suburi even because the cut should look

Continue reading "Shinai charging doubts"

Where do I start?

Hello, I am Cole Smelser and I am 16 and I run on my school's cross country team, but I want to start kendo. I have never had any experience with

Continue reading "Where do I start?"

Kendo Bushido Training

Hello. My friend, Hiro. We have spoken before. I really have a few big questions and really require your help please. 🙏🏼 First is ok if we can have a conversation

Continue reading "Kendo Bushido Training "

Response to Podcast 016 - "Kendo, Death, and Hope"

After listening to Episode 016 “Kendo, Death, and Hope”, I couldn’t help but think that this is continuing the conversation that was begun in my post “Response

Continue reading "Response to Podcast 016 - "Kendo, Death, and Hope""

Understanding of Seme

Understanding seme is one of the key elements of passing kendo 3-dan. Start understanding what seme is at your level for your 4-dan exam.

Continue reading "Understanding of Seme"

Etiquette in Dojo

We have etiquette in dojo. People expect us to act in certain way in dojo. If we want to learn kendo, we should know at least these manners as a kendo practitioner and reasons why.

Continue reading "Etiquette in Dojo"

Response to Podcast 170: 'Non-Japanese Don't Understand Kendo?'

I agree with your thoughts in your podcast 170 that it is ‘rubbish’ that Japanese people inherently understand kendo better than non-Japanese, but I agree

Continue reading "Response to Podcast 170: 'Non-Japanese Don't Understand Kendo?'"


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