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How to keep going even when you're mentally and physically exhausted?

I'm 16, I'm relatively unfit, and I have asthma. I get tired during our two-hour intense practice, which causes me to become sloppy and make a lot of mistakes,

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Legal Kendo Strike?

I have a question regarding two strikes with which I have had some success in the past. I have never seen these strikes used or described and I am starting

Continue reading "Legal Kendo Strike?"

My theory of seme

Hi sensei, my name is Hui Shen, I want your opinions on my theory of seme. Seme for me is any actions that we do in order to make our opponent have a reaction.

Continue reading "My theory of seme"


Hello Is there a place I can send my do dai to have heri-kawa and Mune leather replaced Thank you B

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Miyamoto Musashi The Five Rings & Nito Ryu

Miyamoto Musashi was the Samurai in the late 1500’s and early 1600”s. I think he died in the 1640’s if I remember right, but he is the original source

Continue reading "Miyamoto Musashi The Five Rings & Nito Ryu "

How kendo helped change my life.

Before I started kendo I was quite shy and got nervous/stressed quite easily. After practicing kendo for a while I started to notice numerous benefits

Continue reading "How kendo helped change my life."

square footage

I would like to host Kendo classes twice a week for up to 20 students in a dojo that is not yet built. My question is how much square footage do I need

Continue reading "square footage"

Striking fundamentals - Correcting a hard strike

Imafuji-sensei, my name is Charles, I hope you can assist. I have been training for two years and have found a flaw in my fundamentals. Due to the work

Continue reading "Striking fundamentals - Correcting a hard strike"

How can I build my stamina and last longer when I'm sparring?

Our training sessions are 2 hours long and quite intense, and the problem I'm having is that it's hard to last till the end when I'm sparring as I'm usually

Continue reading "How can I build my stamina and last longer when I'm sparring?"

Kendo Kata Kodachi No.1: Men Ukenagashi Men (Kata No.8)

Kendo Kata No.8 Kodachi No.1 Men Ukenagashi Men is explained here.

Continue reading "Kendo Kata Kodachi No.1: Men Ukenagashi Men (Kata No.8)"

RESPONSE to Podcast #207: Overcome Pandemic Fatigue with Kendo Mentality

I believe that it is generally true that to see who a person truly is, or what a person truly believes, you have to observe them during hard and dark times.

Continue reading "RESPONSE to Podcast #207: Overcome Pandemic Fatigue with Kendo Mentality"

flat foot can affect my training ?

I have started my training for the first time in the last week. I have always suffered from dropped arches (flatfoot) also I have fractured my left foot

Continue reading "flat foot can affect my training ? "

How do I improve balance?

I have been doing Kendo for 2 years, about 1 time a week (our current situation here does not allow for more than that). One of my main problems is that

Continue reading "How do I improve balance?"

Kendo in Japan

I have the opportunity to practice with a Kendo group in Japan. They practice in the same Dojo used by my Sensei for another budo, and he has offered to

Continue reading "Kendo in Japan "

Practicing footwork at home

Hello, Hiro (I hope this is not too informal, sensei seems a bit much seeing as I've only just started learning about kendo and do not know you personally).

Continue reading "Practicing footwork at home"


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