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Kendo Bushido Training

Hello. My friend, Hiro. We have spoken before. I really have a few big questions and really require your help please. 🙏🏼 First is ok if we can have a conversation

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Response to Podcast 016 - "Kendo, Death, and Hope"

After listening to Episode 016 “Kendo, Death, and Hope”, I couldn’t help but think that this is continuing the conversation that was begun in my post “Response

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Understanding of Seme

Understanding seme is one of the key elements of passing kendo 3-dan. Start understanding what seme is at your level for your 4-dan exam.

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Etiquette in Dojo

We have etiquette in dojo. People expect us to act in certain way in dojo. If we want to learn kendo, we should know at least these manners as a kendo practitioner and reasons why.

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Response to Podcast 170: 'Non-Japanese Don't Understand Kendo?'

I agree with your thoughts in your podcast 170 that it is ‘rubbish’ that Japanese people inherently understand kendo better than non-Japanese, but I agree

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Kendo Basics Training Methods for Beginners

You learn kendo from a teacher at the dojo or from a book.This page helps you to review what you mean by them.

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Requirements to Pass 1 dan, 2 dan and 3 dan in Kendo

How to pass your exam in kendo? You should know what are the requirements to pass 1 dan, 2 dan and 3 dan in kendo

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Kendo Guide for The Intermediate (1 dan, 2 dan and 3 dan examinees)

Kendo Guide for The Intermediate is designed for 2 kyu and 1 kyu to pass 1 dan, 2 dan 3 dan exam as well as improving their kendo

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Cros trainng in different martial arts

Hi my name is Kazuma. I’ve been practicing kendo for about 2 years now and going to take my nikyu test pretty soon. I have two questions. First is what

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Shinai problem

Hi sensei! I just bought my first shinai few days ago, but it seems it has some problem here. 1 out of 4 staves have a bad shape, it's not straight but

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Why do they have to do like a prosternation during the class?? What does it mean exactly?? Kind regards Answer: I am so sorry. I don't really know what

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Muscle for Kendo

This is more of a comment than a question, but if I were to phrase it as a question I would ask “Why does there seem to be a prejudice against weightlifting/muscle

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Kendo with carpal tunnel

I’ve been wanting to get into some form of MMA most likely kendo, but I have carpal tunnel. I was wondering what the weight of the swords typically are

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Kendo Guide for The Intermediate FB Group

Do you want to pass your 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan exam? Let's focus on that! Come and join me!

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Kendo Guide for Beginners FB Group

Join me at Kendo Guide for Beginners at Facebook. Let's get together to improve your skills!

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