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Kendo Guide for The Intermediate FB Group

Do you want to pass your 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan exam? Let's focus on that! Come and join me!

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Kendo Guide for Beginners FB Group

Join me at Kendo Guide for Beginners at Facebook. Let's get together to improve your skills!

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Importance of Jigeiko and Shiai in training

How relevant are jigeiko and shiai during practice for development of a person’s kendo? Is footwork, kihon and waza training enough, or is jigeiko a necessary

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Seiza problems

Hi sensei, I have a question, I have a right knee condition on which I couldn't flex my legs fully to do seiza, my problem is wearing the bogu, on which

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Kendo Instruction Videos by Kendo-Guide.Com

This page introduces kendo instruction videos for beginners and the advanced.

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Learning Kendo and Iaido

Would it be beneficial to learn both Kendo and Iaido at the same time? Answer: Thank you for your question! if you haven’t started doing any of the martial

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Moving to Osaka: Joining a new Dojo; Etiquette.

Hello, Imafuji sensei! I will be moving to Osaka (Sakai to be more specific) from Canada in less than 2 months to study for about 1.5-2 years and I'm

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Imafuji Sensei, Recently, I learned that you are a member of the same federation as me. That being said, I know traditionally that one should only listen

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Dimensions of the Kendo sword

Your table shows Size but does not indicate what it refers to. It's not Length because that is shown separately. Answer: Sorry for the late response.

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Ki Ken Tai no icchi and ken tai icchi

I understand the idea of the spirit, sword, and body as one in kendo. However, Ken tai icchi is a little vague to me. I've heard it explained as attacking

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Dear Sensei, I discovered Kendo a long time ago and I've always interested in martial arts. I haven't started my learning yet, but I really want to if

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Kendo Podcast Episode 157: Ideas to Hold a Tournament

In this episode, I am sharing what I was impressed at my son’s judo tournament. The way they raise funds and how they run the tournament.

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[KFL] Milestones: Ideal Men Strike

Men is the hard part to strike. You might argue if you think dō strike or tsuki is harder. I don't want to argue. I truly agree. But men is the furthest and because it is one of the "popular" targets, it is harder to strike. Especially with a good posture.

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Hiro's Review: Yamanaka sensei vs Ozawa sensei

hope you enjoy my review. And please tell me what you think about this audio review and also written review.

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Episode 156: Local Teachers in Foreign Countries Must Study Kendo More Than Students

In this episode, I would like to share what Furukawa sensei (8-dan) said in his interview with Kendo Project. What Furuakwa sensei says in the interview is very true.

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