The Core Idea of 
Kendo guide for complete beginners

All the materials here are based on one concept. So I would like you to understand how you are going to learn kendo through Kendo Guide for Complete Beginners

Now if you have a copy of “Kendo For Kendo Guide for Beginners”, please go to page 12. For the Kindle version, I am not sure the page number so please go to the page with “Etiquette and Manners”. 

Concept of Kendo

I want to talk about the “concept of kendo”. This is very important. I teach Kendo based on this and I learned kendo based on that from the late Tsurumaru sensei, who became 9th dan and he was the main instructor when I was a child. So this is the core of my kendo. The way I teach is based on that. 

katana kissaki kensaki

The concept of kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana.  Katana is the Japanese sword. This is the basic idea of kendo.

I use iaito (the blunt katana for iaido) to explain things because of the concept of kendo. 

The Purpose of Practicing Kendo

The purpose of practicing Kendo is:

To mold the mind and body,

To cultivate a vigorous spirit,

And through correct and rigid training,

To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo,

To hold in esteem human courtesy and honor,

To associate with others with sincerity,

And to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself.

This will make one be able:

To love his/her country and society,

To contribute to the development of culture

And to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples.

(Established by All Japan Kendo Federation in 1975.)

In the purpose, it doesn't say anything about killing each other or hurting each other. What it says is totally opposite. So please read through. If you don't have the book, simply the concept of kendo” can be read here.

Please remember that I'm teaching an entire course or whatever I share with you is based on this concept of kendo. 

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Complete Beginners Table of Contents

Are you ready to go to the next steps? Mind you, don't go too far. You might skip the important parts of the kendo basics.

  1. Goals for the Kendo Beginners: Not knowing what you should achieve will waste your time and efforts. Know your goals and work at them!
  2. Kendo Etiquette and Manners: You need to know etiquette and manners of kendo. And also the important terms in kendo that are all in Japanese. So make sure to go over this page.
  3. Posture for Kendo: You must learn a good posture for kendo. We call it shizentai. Learning a good posture is good for your health too. So learn it now.

"Kendo Guide for Beginners" and "Kendo Guide for Complete Beginnersare available. "Kendo Guide for Beginners" is designed to help those who already  go to a dojo. "Kendo Guide for Complete  Beginners" is made so you will gain even better understandings in kendo. The latter has more detailed videos available.

Click here to check it out for more detail.


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