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Kendo complete beginners 

In Kendo, coordination is key. Before putting on your bōgu, you must learn to coordinate your hands, feet, and strikes. But don't forget the importance of etiquette and appearance. Without these, you're not truly practicing Kendo.

To help you achieve your goals, here's what you should focus on before putting on your bōgu:

Haya Suburi

This is your first goal and is explained in detail on page 86 of the "Kendo Guide for Beginners". Your sensei might call it chōyaku shōmen uchi, but it's the same thing under a different name.

If you can master this technique, you'll have mastered all the suburi correctly. Check out the article on Haya Suburi for more information.


Kirikaeshi is a combination of shōmen uchi and sayū men and requires good coordination. Watch the "Different Kirikaeshi for Different Levels in Kendo" video to see how to perform this technique correctly.

Kirikaeshi is not just a warm-up exercise; it embodies all the important elements of Kendo. Once mastered, your Kendo will soar.

Receiving Kirikaeshi: Benefits

When you learn to receive Kirikaeshi properly, you'll be prepared to learn ōji waza (counterattack). Watch the "A Practical Way to Receive KiriKaeshi" video for more information.

These two techniques, Haya Suburi and Kirikaeshi, are your goals while you are not wearing your bōgu.

Ideally, you should be able to master them within three months, but it may take longer depending on your situation. Remember, it's not about speed, it's about correctly learning the movements.

Refine and Improve Your Basics

People often rush through the basics, but in the future, you'll find yourself going back to them because you skipped important steps.

Take your time and don't skip anything. No matter how high you rise in Kendo, you will always revisit the basics.

Our goal is to continually refine and improve our basic techniques to elevate our applied skills.

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