Kendo Guide For Beginners
- Textbook for beginners - 

Do You Feel Like You Are Behind In Class?
Have You Ever Wondered What People Are Saying At Training?
Are You Having A Trouble With Learning The Kendo Movements? 

Kendo Guide for Beginners - Textbook for Beginners -

I feel you. At training we use Japanese from counting numbers to all the technical words. If you're not used to it, you simply cannot catch it! If you know how to spell the terms, that will help you with remembering the terms, right? This book can help you with that.

Let’s begin and go straight into how you can find this helpful guide. If you go to Amazon, you’ll find the hard copy and kindle version of this book (Kendo Guide for Beginners). The book is quite new, published in 2017, and I put a lot of time into updating photographs so through the long journey we were finally able to publish it then.

Terminology And
Cultural and Historical Backgrounds

The book covers the basics, from terminology to how to count in Japanese. If you are a beginner this is the best thing for you! 

But if you’re already learning and are walking through the journey, it includes Japanese cultural and historical backgrounds on why we do certain things at the dojo. Kendo terminology can be difficult so this will really help you.

But if you have an instructor, please listen to your instructor and continue your process. But this will immensely help in guiding you through, and that’s its main purpose. 

As a disclaimer, being the author, I want to mention that the teachings are those of my instructors and what I was taught. But I did include my perspective, because these teachings are for the Japanese so I must adjust a little so non-Japanese people understand their teachings well. 

Traditional Teachings

Sharing Teachings From My Senseis

Everything you see here in the book is from my senseis. Learn the tradition of kendo.

  • The late Juichi Tsurumaru sensei (9-Dan Hanshi). He was the main instructor back in 1980s and 90s. 
  • The late Keisuke Murayama sensei (8-Dan Hanshi). 8-dan tournament champion.
  • Masayoshi Miyzaki sensei (7-dan Kyoshi). He is my instructor who is often in my Youtube videos.

Even Better with Videos

There are also references in the book. Hence, you can simply find the website or video for more elaboration. You can type these. And with the kindle version the links are embedded so you can simply click on them.

So my friend, in combining the teachings from the book and utilizing the available videos and references; this is how you can maximize your learning.

Kendo Guide Video Instruction

These videos are now available for you to purchase at Kendo Basics Videos in DVD and Video on Demand.

If you don’t have access to kindle, the book will guide you and you can enter “Hiro Imafuji” or Kendo Basics 1 on YouTube, and you can work together for best learning.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me

Wishing you well in your learning.

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