Kendo Guide For Beginners

Do You Feel Like You Are Behind In Class?
Have You Ever Wondered What People Are Saying At Training?
Are You Having A Trouble With Learning The Kendo Movements? 

I feel you. At training we use Japanese from counting numbers to all the technical words. If you're not used to it, you simply cannot catch it! If you know how to spell the terms, that will help you with remembering the terms, right? This book can help you with that.

The kendo movements are fairly simple but so unusual. It takes time until you get the hang of it.  Reviewing and practicing at home will help you to improve the movements quickly so you can learn more from your teacher at training.

This book is designed to help to learn, to review and to catch up with what is going on at training. Together with its free videos, you will have better understandings of the kendo movements.

The book introduces and explains what you need to know at the beginning of your kendo training such as...

  • the kendo basics
  • etiquette/manners and
  • cultural and historical reasons why you do things in certain ways.

The basic movements introduced in the book are based on what I learned as a child from the late Juichi Tsurumaru sensei (9-dan, Hanshi), the late Keisuke Murayama sensei (8-dan, Hanshi) and Masayoshi Miyazaki sensei (7-dan). And the book has some additional articles that helped people in the past for their kendo.

If you have a teacher already, read this book as your supplemental study. If you don’t have a teacher, this book will be a good start for you. My intention is to share what I learned from those great teachers with you hoping to help you with your kendo study.

Kendo Guide For Beginners are available in Paperback and Kindle not only in USA but also internationally. Please click here to find them in your country. 

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