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I have some kendo instruction videos in DVD format and streaming/download. You can purchase the DVD from Amazon.Com (beginners DVD only), and you can buy the streaming/download version from Vimeo.

What is Streaming/Download?

You can watch the instruction videos with your smartphone, tablet and smart TV. You can also download these videos.

You create an account with Vimeo.Com and start watching anytime anywhere as long as you have one of these devices.

For more detail how to watch the video, please visit "Watching your On Demand videos". This is the best option if you cannot purchase the DVD version at Amazon.Com.


Kendo Basics I

This “Kendo Basics I: Getting Ready for Kendo Training” gives you what you need to know in order for you to start training. It includes etiquette and manner, which is very important in kendo.

Kendo carries Japanese cultural and historical values and etiquette and manner are the most important part of kendo. Without them, we cannot call it kendo.

This video includes:
1. Introduction: Line-Up,
2. Sitting in Seiza, 
3. Sitting in Seiza: Closer Look, 
4. Sitting in Seiza with Bokutō, 
5. Seiza & Mokusō, 
6. Sitting Bow, 
7. Beginning of Training at a Glance, 
8. Finishing Up Training, 
9. Finishing Up at a Glance, 
10. How to Stand & Shizentai, 
11. Standing Bow, 
12. Taitō: Wearing Your Sword, 
13. Nuketō: Drawing Out Your Sword and 
14. Sonkyo.

Kendo Basics I DVD at Amazon
Kendo Basics 1 Vimeo on Demand

Kendo Basics II

This “Kendo Basics II: Solo Training 1” gives you lessons mainly on footwork. Without good footwork, you cannot reach your opponent. Without good footwork, you cannot parry your opponent’s strikes. You must study kendo footwork very well so you can improve your kendo quickly.

This video includes:
1. Learning Chūdan 
2. Basic Feet Position
3. Footwork: Ashi-Sabaki
4. Key Footwork: Suri-Ashi & Okuri-Ashi
5. Tsugi-Ashi
6. Hiraki-Ashi
7. Hiraki-Ashi: Closer Look
8. Okuri-Ashi Practice
9. Okuri-Ashi: Closer Look
10. Ashi-Sabaki with Shinai

Kendo Basics II DVD at Amazon
Kendo Basics 2 Vimeo on Demand

Kendo Basics III

This “Kendo Basics III: Solo Training 2” gives you lessons on striking drills that you can do on your own. We call these exercises “Tandoku Dōsa”. You learn the basic footwork in “Kendo Basics II: Solo Training 1”. And now you can learn how to strike together with the footwork. Every single kendo practitioner must know these drills. So please learn thoroughly.

This video includes:
1. Intro: Tandoku Dōsa 
2. Jōge-buri 
3. Zenshin Kotai Jōge-buri 
4. Pay Attention to Grip
5. Sayū Jōge-buri 
6. Sayū Jōge-buri: Closer Look
7. Zenshin Kōtai Naname Jōge-buri
8. Shōmen Uchi
9. Zenshin Kōtai Shōmen Uch In Action
10. Shōmen Uchi Important Points
11. Sayū -men Uchi
12. Zenshin Kōtai Sayū -men Uchi In Action
13. Improve Coordination - Kyodō Men –
14. San-Kyodō Shōmen Uchi
15. Ni-Kyodō & Ikkyodō Shōmen Uchi
16. Explaining Kote & Dō Strike
17. Kote Strike
18. Kote Strike Important Points
19. Dō Strike
20. Dō Strike Important Points
21. Niho-Zenshin Niho-Kotai Shōmen Uchi
22. Kote & Men Strike
23. Kote & Men Strike In Action
24. Kote & Dō Strike
25. Haya Suburi
26. Haya Suburi: Closer Look

Kendo Basics III DVD at Amazon
Kendo Basics 3 Vimeo on Demand

Kendo Basics Set

This “Kendo Basics Set of I, II and III” consists of etiquette, basic footwork and striking drills, which is what you all need to know and get you started right away.

You will get all the contents from Basic I, II and III. 

Kendo Basics Set DVD at Amazon
Kendo Basics Set Vimeo on Demand

Kendo Guide Book

Kendo Guide for Beginners Book at Amazon

Kendo Guide for Complete Beginners

This series is to help and complete your kendo training with Kendo Guide for Beginners videos and book. It is designed so you can train your kendo skills at home. With extra videos and written instructions, it is even clearer what you should be focusing on.

Every single video is for you to learn kendo more efficiently outside the dojo. Mind you that these are complementary study materials of Kendo Basics I, II and III videos and Kendo Guide for Beginners book.


  1. Do This First!
  2. The Core Idea of the Course
  3. Your Goals: What Do You Need to Achieve?
  4. Meaning of the Dojo
  5. Appearance (Chakusō)
  6. Kendo Terminology 1
  7. Kendo Terminology 2
  8. Shizentai (Natural Posture)
  9. How to Sit in Seiza
  10. How to Sit in Seiza_ Extra
  11. Sitting Bow
  12. Mokuso
  13. Standing Bow: Ritsurei
  14. How to Take Chūdan
  15. Understanding Tenouchi
  16. Footwork Tips
  17. Footwork Tips: Suri-Ashi & Okuri-Ashi
  18. Footwork: Tsugi-Ashi & Ayumi-Ashi
  19. Footwork Tips: Hiraki Ashi
  20. Subiri Tips: Jōge-buri
  21. Subiri Tips: Naname Jōge-buri
  22. Suburi Tips: Shōmen Men Uchi & Sayū Men Uchi
  23. Subiri Tips: Haya Suburi
  24. Kote Strike
  25. Do Strike
  26. Consecutive Strikes
Kendo Basics 1 Vimeo on Demand


Kendo Guide for The Intermediate

Are you taking 1-dan, 2-dan and 3-dan exam? With this video series, you will know what you are supposed to accomplish to pass these dans. Without what you need to do to pass these grades, how can you train properly? 

These videos and written instructions (PDF files) will give you tips and points in your daily training. You know what you should be doing and how you should train. I hope these videos PDF files will help you with your kendo improvement.

* The audio of some videos skips a little bit. I sincerely apologize. 

  1. Starting Point: Big Map for Your Kendo Improvement
  2. Checklist (PDF file)
  3. Destinations and How to Get There
  4. Understanding of Seme 
  5. Seme with Tsuki
  6. Fight Starts Before Fight
  7. Understanding Shikake Waza 
  8. Kote Strike
  9. Dō Strike
  10. Small Men Strike with Ki Ken Tai Icchi 
  11. A Practical Way to Receive KiriKaeshi
  12. Kirikaeshi for Your Level
  13. Ideal Men Strike 
  14. Learn About the Distance
  15. Ki Ken Tai Icchi 
  16. Small Men Mechanism
  17. Learn Ki Ken Tai Icchi with A Tool
Kendo Basics 1 Vimeo on Demand
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