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visual learning is a must in kendo

Lessons from 8-dan

Makoto sensei's Kendo Lesson

Makoto Sensei's Kendo Lesson Video Series is available. Makoto Sato (Kendo Kyoshi, 8-dan) sensei's video series is made for adults. They are well-structured, easy to understand and follow

- Ikkyodo Strike with Ki Ken Tia Icchi
- Pass Your Exam with 4 Techniques

Check them out for more detail.

You are here because you want to learn kendo. And you are at the right page. You might have read resources such as books and websites. But you really have to know how you should be moving.

Written manuals can list up what you must do to learn the kendo movements. Like...

  1. you should do this.
  2. you should do that.

Learning from books is necessary. I know it is important. That is why I have a book called "Kendo Guide for Beginners". If you are interested in it, please click here to check it out (opens a new window). But if you want to learn how things really work, you need to watch how they are done. Don't you think? Because, after all, we don't move as we go through a list of the movement. We need to move fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders and feet at the same time.

"The easiest way to learn this is to watch how things done."

If you have an instructor, these written and video instructions will help you with what you learn from your sensei.  If you don't have an instructor then the combination of written instructions and visual instructions is the way to go. 

How Can You Get the dVDs?

These DVDs are NOT available on anymore. Amazon stopped DVD on Demand in August 2021. Kendo Basics series is no longer available in DVD format. However, they are still available online and you can download them as well. For more details about how you can watch these videos see below.

How can you get the digital videos? 

The digital videos are available at Vimeo. Vimeo is a video sharing platform and it will let you watch and download the kendo instruction videos. If you have an app from Vimeo, you can watch the videos on a smart TV. Please check out the video below. 

How do you watch the videos?

You can watch the instruction videos with your smartphone, tablet and smart TV. You can also download these videos.

You create an account with Vimeo.Com and start watching anytime anywhere as long as you have one of these devices.

If you have a question, please feel free to ask me

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