Kendo Lesson:
Interesting, Surprising and
New Findings!

This book (written in Japanese)introduces a lot of unique methods in learning/teaching kendo. 

The author is a kendo teacher at junior high school in Japan. He uses his unique methods to instruct his own students.

His students became 2nd in the men's team tournament in 1999 All Japan Junior High School and and women's team tournament in 2000 and also 3rd in the men's team tournament in 2007.

As I always say, kendo involves very unique movements and for most of people it is hard to learn. But what most of people do not realise is we do have kendo movements in our daily lives. This kendo book has a lot of "aha!" methods of teaching kendo. If you can read Japanese, I strongly recommend to keep this in your study.

This book comes with a DVD.

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Indeed, this book is a great support for kendo teachers; even if you cannot read or understand Japanese. The DVD itself is clear enough to find ideas …

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