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Before this kendo world magazine, there were no magazines that were dedicated to only kendo.

And there are many books out there about kendo, but I am not too sure how much we can rely on these books.

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Kendo world magazine gives you translated documents of Japanese well-known kendo magazines, Kendo Nippon and Kendo Jidai.

Not only that, there are many academic researches done by many scholars like Dr. Alex Bennett.

You may have a doubt about the quality of translation. Don't worry. These translations are done mostly by Dr. Alex Bennett whose Japanese is more than excellent.

He can speak, read and write Japanese, of course. He can even read old style Japanese that no one uses now.

The contributors to the magazine are bilingual too. They not only live in Japan but also train kendo with Japanese people. They share their experiences with the readers. It is something those who live outside Japan cannot experience everyday. So it is very valuable.

I am a subscriber to this magazine and some of my students too. One of my students was very impressed by the quality of the magazine. He says, "This is a book!"

Each magazine is very thick and yes it has a value of a great kendo book. You can learn a lot out of the magazine. Highly recommended.

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