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At Kendo-Guide.Com, you can gain a lot of information from the kendo basics to kendo teachings. You might want to know about the kendo movements. You might want to learn about kendo equipment. But here, you will be introduced to some web-courses that I prepare for you.

The followings are the courses that are currently available for you. Please choose a course that is appropriate for your level. These courses are originally made for the members of my membership site at The members get my contents before anyone else and now, after certain amount of time, the contents are available to the public.

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Who is each course for?

  • Kendo Guide for Beginners: If you just started learning kendo at a dojo, this if for you. This is very useful for reviewing what you learned at the dojo and also self-study at home. Go and check out "Kendo Guide for Beginners".
  • Kendo Guide for Complete Beginners: If you want to start kendo or just started but want to get more detailed explanations, this is for you. As the name of the course, consider this as extra information to Kendo Guide for Beginners. Go and check out "Kendo Guide for Complete Beginners".
  • Kendo Guide for the Intermediate: Are you taking 1-dan, 2-dan or 3-dan exam? This course is designed so you can pass 3 dan. If you want to pass 3 dan, you need to pass 2 dan. If you want to pass 2 dan, you need to pass 1 dan. You are going to learn step by step to improve your kendo to pass 1 dan, 2 dan and 3 dan. Go and check out "Kendo Guide for the Intermediate".

YouTube Channel

I have more than 300 videos for you to watch on YouTube. If you don't know where to start, you can go to my playlists. There are many playlists such as "Kendo for Complete Beginners" and "Kendo Guide for the Intermediate". But these videos don't have written insrucitons as you see here. 

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Go ahead and dive into it. Again if you don’t have any experience, you shouldn’t choose “Kendo Guide for the Intermediate”. That is not for a total kendo beginner.

Feel free to contact me when you have questions!