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This site is an online kendo guide that provides you detailed information and instruction to study this samurai swordsmanship.

You can learn etiquette/manners, basic movements, advanced techniques, how to choose your equipment,philosophies, wisdom and so on.

However, it is true that this Japanese ancient martial art is very hard to learn without a proper instructor. That's why many say it is a bad idea to learn it off videos, books and so forth.

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Would you give up?

Probably not. And I do not want you to give up to learn this beautiful Japanese martial art. If you want to learn it, start from here. I guarantee you that if you follow what is shown here you will be fine. All the information provided here is to keep you on the right track. I do not want you to develop bad habits or to have wrong ideas about this art from the start.

Please start from Etiquette/Manners

Before you get into techniques or anything, this site suggests you starting from etiquette/manners. If you skip the etiquette part and start swinging a sword around, we don't call it kendo. At a real dojo, we learn etiquette and manners first. So please do not skip this part. Even if you already know its etiquette/manners, please go anyway. You may find some new information.


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Kendo Members Logins
This page is a list of kendo member logins so you have an easy access to them.
Indiana Kendo: Find kendo dojo in Indiana
There are some kendo dojos in Indiana. This page will show you where you can do kendo in Indiana, USA.
Gotokukan Imafuji Dojo: Kendo Dojo in Indiana
This is a web page of kendo dojo in Indiana, Gotokukan Imafuji Dojo.
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About Kendo Guide
This page is about Kendo Guide.
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This site is for readers to send kendo-guide.com questions/comments.
Etiquette and Manners in Kendo
Etiquette and manners in kendo are very important. Without them, it is not called kendo. Etiquette and manners are quite related to Japanese culture, especially samurai culture.
Benefits of Kendo & Brief Explanation About What Kendo Is
Benefits of kendo are not quite well-known. If you are serious about doing kendo, you should know about at least these things about kendo.
Kendo Basics: Beginners Guideline
This site introduces an outline of the kendo basics training. In kendo, basics are very important for the future improvement.
The way of learning kendo more easily and quickly
Don't you think there should be a way that you can learn kendo more easily and quickly? There is. It is very easy to do and you don't even have to get frustrated anymore.
Breathing in Kendo
Breathing in kendo is not very difficult, once we learn how. This is a general idea of breathing in kendo.
Kendo Video Download Page
Kendo video download page. Once you purchase a video, you will receive a password to get into this page.
Free Subscription: Only For Newsletter Subscribers
Free Subscription to Kendo-Guide.Com Newsletter. This page provides kendo articles and kendo videos only for kendo-guide.com newsletter subscribers.
Kendo Kata: General Infomation on Kata
Kendo kata is an essense of kendo. We should study kata thoroughly so that we don't forget what kendo really is.
Kendo Techniques: Kendo Technique Guide
This site introduces an outline of the kendo techniques. There are many techniques in kendo and very cool to know all.
Kendo Equipment: Things You Need
This site gives you some general ideas about kendo equipment. If you are thinking to start kendo, you should probably buy some kendo stuff. But what do you buy?
Kendo Stick: Shinai
Kendo stick is called shinai in Japanese. Shinai consists of 4 pieces of bamboo and it is treated as a real sword in kendo.
Kendo shop review
Kendo shop review should be considered to be the most important factor when choosing a set of bogu or any kendo equipment, especially when purchasing online.
Kendo Equipment Shop: Buying Kendo Stuff Online
A good kendo equipment shop is hard to find. There are many online but how do we know which one provides the real kendo equipment?
Kendo Terminology
Kendo terminology is pretty difficult even for Japanese people nowadays. This page will introduce you to many different kendo terminology with kanji and pronunciation.
Kendo Wisdom
Kendo is derived from one of the ancient Japanese martial arts, so we have wisdom and old teachings in kendo. In this site, I would like to introduce kendo wisdom that we can use in our daily life.
Kendo Q&A
Do you have a question about kendo? You cannot find any answers anywhere? Try this Kendo Q&A. You may find an answer to your question.
Kendo Online Workshop
This is a kendo online workshop. There are many small things but important aspects of kendo a lot of people doing wrong.
Kendo Multimedia: A Collection of Useful Resources
This page is a collection of kendo multimedia including free or not free books, videos and DVDs.
Kendo Guide Search Results
Kendo guide search result page gives search results from either kendo-guide.com or the word wide web.
World Kendo Dojo Search
This page is made for a world kendo dojo search. It is dedicated to you who are searching a dojo near you. Simply enter a name of city, region, state, country where you are looking for a dojo.
Kendo Learning Products
This page is to introduce kendo learning products you can get from Kendo-Guide.Com.
Kendo t-shirts and more products!
Looking for cool kendo t-shirts? Do you want to drink out of a cool kendo mug? Come and visit Kendo For Life Products Online Shop!
Terms of Service
Terms of Service
Match in Kendo (Shiai)
Match in kendo is called shiai. In shiai, you need to strike or thrust a target. In this page, you will learn how shiai in kendo works.


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