Want To Learn Kendo?

This site is an online kendo guide that provides you detailed information and instruction to study this samurai swordsmanship.

You can learn etiquette/mannersbasic movementsadvanced techniques, how to choose your equipment,philosophieswisdom and so on.

However, it is true that this Japanese ancient martial art is very hard to learn without a proper instructor. That's why many say it is a bad idea to learn it off videos, books and so forth.

Would you give up?

Probably not. And I do not want you to give up to learn this beautiful Japanese martial art. If you want to learn it, start from here. I guarantee you that if you follow what is shown here you will be fine. All the information provided here is to keep you on the right track. I do not want you to develop bad habits or to have wrong ideas about this art from the start.

Please start from Etiquette/Manners

Before you get into techniques or anything, this site suggests you starting from etiquette/manners. If you skip the etiquette part and start swinging a sword around, we don't call it kendo. At a real dojo, we learn etiquette and manners first. So please do not skip this part. Even if you already know its etiquette/manners, please go anyway. You may find some new information.


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