When is the best moment to strike?

by Reyhan

When I tried to strike my opponent in jigeiko, I couldn't hit the target. My opponent always hit me first or I missed the target. Is it because I'm only 5th-kyu? When is the best moment to strike? And how can I make the momentum happen?

Answer: If you do jigeiko with people with higher grade than yours, there is a strong possibility for them to strike you. It is simply because they have been doing kendo longer than you or have more experience than you.

Possible reasons why you are missing targets you aim at are:

1. your right hand is too strong,
2. ki-ken-tai-icchi is not performed properly
3. timing is not right or
4. your mind is not calm (too busy to try to hit the targets).

Do not worry about hitting too much. If you are 5th kyu, it is normal to get hit. You should concentrate more on striking correctly and properly with the good basics.

But if you want to know how to make opportunities to strike, Seme and San Sappo may help you.

These are three opportunities to strike you should not miss:

1. When your opponent is just about to move to strike you
2. When your opponent has frozen physically and mentally (it is called itsuku).
3. When your opponent has received your strike.

These are the opportunities to strike we should not miss.

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