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Oct 19, 2008
Breathing techniques
by: Anonymous

Breathing techniques

I was told one of the ways to sustain ourselves in keiko or shiai is having good stamina. To have good stamina needs proper technique in breathing. Please advice how to cultivate proper or correct way in breathing.
Thank you.

[Answer:] This is a good question and I can write a lot about this. There is no one particular breathing method. Here I would like to introduce two different methods.

We have one breathing theory in kirikaeshi and kata. However, one is a method that concentrates on breathing out more but another is to hold the breath for a long time.

One breathing technique in kirikaeshi, we keep shouting while breathing out as long as we can. But the one in kata, we hold the breath in each kata.

General breathing in training is that when inhaling, breathe in quickly but when exhaling, breathe out as long as you can. When striking a men, for example, do it with one breath from kiai before striking and shout ?men? and keep shouting until you turn around and take chudan.

And lots of kakarigeiko and uchikomi. These will help you increase your stamina.

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