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Jan 30, 2015
by: CSalt

A couple of us used to travel from Des Moines IA to Kansas City Every couple of months to learn kendo since there wasn't a dojo here.

We now have a dojo in Des Moines with more and more people doing kendo. The friendships we made with Kansas City are still strong and we go there multiple times a year still.

I would recommend the travel if you really want to do kendo. It is well worth it.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion! Getting together with kendo people is the best way to learn! Sometimes people need to choose what they can do the best too.

Jan 30, 2015
Hi, Once Again
by: Adam

Thanks for the advice it's amazing you took the time to give that much, thank you very much. I have one last question. There is an Aikido school in my city, would it be beneficial to go there until I can go to a Kendo Dojo in another city? (I'm in a state where I can't drive super far for a while).

Kendo-Guide.Com: You are very welcome! If your focus is kendo, then I do not think you should do any other martial arts. I am not against other martial arts. The main concern here is that you will get confused because they do have different movements.

I understand you really want to start. If you want to start, start learning kendo. That is why I have this site and online course.

Hope this helps.

Jan 17, 2015
by: RFox

Springfield Missouri

Looks like you are about equidistant from St. Louis (kendo dojos there), Kansas City (kendo dojo there), Tulsa (kendo dojo there), and Little rock (kendo dojo there) -- and a bit farther from Memphis (kendo dojo there).

The decision is really yours, as Imafuji sensei says and you need to search your soul to know that you would keep up going regularly to practice. If you do I hope to meet you sometime and shake your hand for your dedication. Who knows, in the future you might start a dojo in Springfield MO

If you do decide to go to St. Louis, Little Rock, Kansas City or Memphis, please ask Imafuji sensei to put you in contact with me as I know the people who manage those dojos.


Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you, Ron sensei. Surely this helps Adam. Adam, google these dojos, go and check them out. When you need Ron sensei to hook you up with those people, email me.

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