Kendo Basics Online Course

Learn the Authentic Kendo

Kendo basics online course provides you with step by step kendo lessons with a combination of videos and emails. 

There are a lot of kendo sites with information.

Of course there are many kendo sites providing good information but there are no systematic information for beginners to follow.

I have been providing many videos but videos are not enough.

You need one good sequence to follow and deeper explanation on each movement.

You are so keen to learn kendo. I want you to learn kendo in the right way. And we do have a good system in kendo. And this kendo basics online course will gives you the system.

You might be a person

  • who does not have a place to learn kendo
  • who just started kendo
  • who does not have a high grade but in charge of instructing.

I am sure this course will help you.

This Course is FREE

Why? What is the catch? It is simple.

I want you to learn the authentic kendo

The kendo I learned from my senseis is very authentic.

  • Straight,
  • Big,
  • Strong

You must learn how to make a straight and big kendo. This is the foundation of kendo. Then you can reach the "strong" kendo.

Without the first two elements, you might be skillful but not strong.

It is very philosophical side of kendo and cannot be explained in a few words. 

That is why through the course, I want you to know what the authentic kendo really is.

So join the course. It is free. You will learn the authentic kendo. And you will not be lost in this Internet era.

The Videos are HD Quality

Seeing is believing. So here it is.

I have a lot of videos available for you on my youtube channel. But the problem of this is that you cannot learn in a systematic manner. 

And you cannot learn cultural and historical aspects of kendo in detail. 

I do mention those cultural and historical aspects of kendo in the videos but together with written instructions, you can learn and remember better.

So if you are serious about learning kendo, don't hesitate to sign up. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

You are the future of kendo. At least know what the authentic kendo is. Looking forward to seeing you in the course!