Should I do kendo?

by Adam
(Springfield, Missouri)

Hi, so I've been wanting to do kendo for a long time but there are no dojo's in my city. The nearest one is 150 miles away. Would this be worth the money and time it takes to get there?

Answer: Thank you for your question. That is a very subjective matter.

It is very far away. It would take you about 2.5 hours on one way. 5 hours for just driving. If this is once or twice a month and money and time are not issues, you should do it. It is only because you have wanted to do kendo for a long time.

I would do a 3 hour drive on one way, if I know I could learn a lot from a 2 – 3 hour training session. I would do the same, if there are people waiting for me to instruct them.

Always contact to someone who has some kinds of info. I found this guy on youube. He has a kendo kata video Springfield, MO. It looks like Bloomington Kendo Club did a demo in the past for Japanese Festival.

I understand they are located in IL and probably it is very far from you. However, you can contact them and ask them if they know someone in MO doing kendo.

Contact Japan-America Society of St. Louis. You might get some info. Also

University of Missouri has some kind of Japanese activities.

You should ask if they do have a club there or if they or their students know someone who does kendo.

The combination of the followings is another way for you to learn.

  • Belong to the dojo the closest to you and go there once or twice a month

  • Learn from the Kendo For Life Products and Services

  • Go back to the dojo and receive feedback

  • Ask me for feedback

If you want something really bad, you have always a way.

Good luck!

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