How to Put Your Sword Back into the Saya

Now we have to learn what "osameto" is. Osame is an order form of a verb, osameru

That means "to put things back to where it comes from" in this case because we put our sword back to the saya (scabbard).

So when you hear "Osame-To", you put your shinai back to the taito position.

When you hear this command, you

1. sit in sonkyo

Nōtō: Sit in Sonkyo FirstNōtō: Sit in Sonkyo First

2. put your sword back to the taito position

Nōtō: Put Your Sword Back in Taitō PositionNōtō: Put Your Sword Back in Taitō Position

3. stand up

Nōtō: Stand Up with the Tsuka on the Center of the BodyNōtō: Stand Up with the Tsuka on the Center of the Body

4. quietly lower the left hand (the sageto position)

When you put your sword back to the taito position while you are siting in the sonkyo position, place the right hand on the upper thigh (close to your body).

When you do so, relax your right elbow and close the right arm pit. This prevents your right elbow from sticking out too much.

Osame-to is used all the time in kendo, of course, so please learn the correct way.

Nōtō: From the TopNōtō: From the Top

When we put our shinai/bokuto back to our invisible saya, we have to lift shinai up and place it in the taito position.

Put Your Sword Away without Sitting in Sonkyo

When you hear a command, "Sagetoh!", you put your sword back to the sageto position without sitting in sonkyo. The sequence is

  1. Back to the taito position from chudan
  2. Lower the sword into the sageto position.

Fairly easy, isn't it?

The most difficult words is to "hear the commands", I think. So learn how your instructors pronounce the commands so that you will not misunderstand.

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