Where to begin?

by Matthew

I find Kendo very interesting, but I honestly have nowhere to begin. I have no idea what to do or where to start. What should I learn first? (Breathing, how to even hold a sword, etc.)

Answer: Thank you for your question. A very first thing for you to do is to find a dojo. I hope you do not mean “no dojo around where you live” by “nowhere to begin”.

Bow first, Swing Next

If you have no dojo to go around where you live, you should learn etiquette first. Many people think kendo is about swinging a sword and beat the crap out of each other but it is not. We do respect our training partners and opponents.

You can read about etiquette and manner in a PDF file of “Kendo Guide For Beginners” sample. You can download it from the Kendo For Life Study Group

Outline for Beginners

Start from “The Basic Movements”. Once you go to the page, you will find the outline. Feel free to leave questions. But before that, go through Q&A sections.

Footwork before Swinging

Learn footwork thoroughly. If you cannot move, you cannot reach your opponent. If you cannot reach your opponent, it does not matter how fast or powerful you can swing your sword. If you want to become a good kendoist, work on etiquette and footwork!

Again, feel free to contact me through Q&A sections or contact form.

Hope this helps.

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