What's the difference between modern kendo and traditional kendo?

by Jeong

I was wondering how modern kendo is different to pre-war kendo (traditional kendo). Do you know about it?

Kendo-Guide.Com:  I’m not too sure about the exact definition.

My understanding is that pre-war kendo had foot sweep, throws and probably more.  Basically, it had more techniques for combats.

If you think about how kendo was developed, it was quite natural for kendo to have those techniques.

After the World War II, kendo and the other budo was banned by GHQ (the supreme commander for the Allied powers). Those kendokas who tried to revive kendo under such circumstance came up with shinai kyōgi, which they promoted as a sport.

In 1952 (7 years after the end of the war), soon after the San Francisco Peace Treaty, All Japan Kendo Federation was established.

Ref: T. Sakai, translated by A. Bennett, “History of Kendo”, Kendo Nippon (No. 401 July, 2009), pp. 152~154 

Kendo went through very hard time to keep it away from extinction.
So kendo now does not contain dangerous techniques that used to have.

Hope this helps.

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