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Apr 07, 2010
Pre-war Kendo is also modern kendo.
by: Anonymous

Dear Jeong,

Kendo prior 1868 is traditional Kendo.

Kendo after 1868 is modern type of kendo.

Kendo after WWII is sport kendo (part of modern kendo).

Kendo-Guide.Com: The year, 1868, is the start of the Meiji era, which means the end of the Edo period (Tokugawa shogunate).  That also means carrying katana was banned (1872). For more information please refer to "Kendo and Kenjutsu".

I do not want anyone to refer kendo as sport, because it is not. It has a sport aspect but not a sport. It is true that many kendo practitioners are shiai (match) oriented, but it is people who become shiai oriented not kendo.

Please refer to "Martial Arts is a way of life?". It is very important to know what kendo (or Japanese budo) really is.

Sep 01, 2009
Old Kendo Video
by: Juan Alvarez

There is a video on youtube, that shows some old techniques, you may want to see it.

Saludos desde Colombia.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for the post. The guy on the left is the late MORI Torao sensei (apparently he was called Tiger Mori because his first name has a kanji for a tiger). He is a legend. Don?t do any foot sweeps to any senseis, though, unless those senseis allow such techniques in training. That is a big no no now.

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