What is the meaning of hanshi, renshi, kyoshi

by Kate
(South Africa)

I often hear the titles hanshi, renshi or kyoshi used but was never quite certain what they meant.

Unfortunately, the information on the web is a bit conflicting.

Could you tell me what each rank denotes and what is needed for a kendoka to attain each?

Answer: Good question!

Dan-i (Rank): This indicates over-all kendō abilities including techniques and mentalities (attitudes).

Shōgō (Title): ┬áThis indicates the degree of completion as a kendoist. In addition to the conditions of dan-i, one must have instruction abilities and knowledge of kendō.

Types of Shōgō:

Renshi: Those who have practiced and succeeded to show the principle of the sword and have good knowledge of kendō. Must hold 6-dan.

Kyōshi: Those who have mastered the principle of the sword and have excellent knowledge of kendō. Must hold 7-dan.

Hanshi: The highest of all. Those who have mastered and completed the principle of the sword, have outstanding knowledge of kendō and excellent personality with a virtue. Must hold 8-dan.

Now I translated these from All Japan Kendo Federation website. I am sure there are some other versions of its translation.

If you have a copy issued by International Kendo Federation (FIK), you must stick to the translation by FIK because it is official.

Hope this helps.

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