What are a pair of suitable kote for me?

by Kether

Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Kether, just achieved 1 dan. Recently I met 3 questions of my kote.


My wrists are thin so I feel they are still much space between my wrists and tsutsu, no matter how I tighten up the kote himo. Now I realize that the size of tsutsu might be larger for me.

2: 【kote-gashira】

And also I feel much space between my fingers and kote-gashira because I easily overlap any of 2 fingers inside ( I mean when I hold my shinai and keep kamae, still feel a gap between my hand back and kotegashira.


Because those 2 problems above, I feel my kote kera is also stiff and the angle of my wrist is restricted. But when I wear small kote, this situation is not quite necessary to worry about.

Those are my 3 questions. I wear my bogu for over 1 years and I did do the good size measurements. The length and width of my kote are very suitable but I still not feel 100% satisfied with my kote (because I cannot always do perfect waza when I wear my kote)

I hope any sensei or senpai can give me experience of what are suitable kote-gashira, kera and tsutsu for me?

(should I change a smaller size of tsutsu and kotegashira?)

Thank you very much!!



Answer: I am so sorry for the delay of my response. I thought I answered the question.

It sounds like your kote is too big for you. You should have a little smaller pair.

You should not tighten up the himo too much because it will not absorb the impact of strikes and will restrict your movements.

I think this video will help you a bit.

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