Kote Review:
Kote from Shogun Kendogu

This is my review on kote of Shogun Kendogu. This pair of kote was very new to me. 

Their bōgu is basically made for shian and enbu so they fit well first time. Now is it true???

Before I get into my review I would like to introduce the specification of kote I reviewed is…

  • Deer skin heri-gawa (edging leather)
  • Orizashi (full cotton) design
  • Japanese made synthetic leather palms
  • 7mm futon
  • #4,000 grade cotton futon
  • Aizome dye
  • Genuine deer-hair filling
  • Assembled in Japan

This is from this page.

The main thing I really was very curious was tenouchi. It is made of synthetic leather. It has holes in it.

In old days, those premade kote were not very good. They were very hard and never fit well even after used them for a good amount of months.

My first impression

Light! Compared to my old ones, it is obvious! Here is the proof.

The shogun one is 8.4 once. It is about 240g. My old one is 10 once. 283g. Yes, I caSAhon actually feel the difference.

Then I put them on. I felt a little tight in my right hand. This happens a lot. All I had to do is to pound on it a little. It has been about three weeks since I started using the kote in training. It was tough for about two weeks but now they feel pretty fit.

We all have a way to grab a shinai so of course depends on how we grab our shinai kote might feel a bit tough.

Now been 3 weeks now they fit pretty good.

And the tsutsu-part (wrist part) is very soft so that also makes it easy to use for the first time (watch the video).

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