Ways to handle physical issues with haya-suburi?

by Zak Pullen
(Statesboro, GA, U.S.)

One of the other entries about haya-suburi made me wonder about one of the physical issues I have been having with haya-suburi.

I had asthma as a child, but the medication put it into remission. When my Kendo club gets to our haya-suburi, we set it to two sets 100 due to how new most of our members are.

My asthma showed up out of nowhere one practice during haya-suburi. Around 75 it started hurting, but I thought it was just exercising and stuff like that. Around 85-90 my chest hurt so bad I could barely move. 

I tried the second set, but I didn't even get to 30. Is there anything I could try, or should know to try and keep my asthma from interfering in my Kendo?

Answer:  I am not a doctor so I hope doctors can answer this question. I think you should talk to your doctor.

All I can say is “stop when you think an asthma attack is coming”.

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