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Can you please explain term 'tachiai'. What does it mean if translate from Japanese? What is the difference between tachiai and jigeiko? Maybe some main points of tachiai etc. Thank you

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your question. Long time, Olga!

Origin of the Term

Taichiai is apparently from “Sumo”.

In sumo, they start their fight when their own timing. So one guy does not like the “timing”, they do not start. You can say that their energy level or ki level needs to harmonize to start their fight.

Meanings of the Term

Tachi is a noun form of tatsu (to stand/to get up) and ai is a noun form of au (to match/to fit).

In sumo, they use tachiai like this.

“His tachiai was very quick and excellent”.

That means “His initial movement (very first movement) was very quick and excellent”.

So in this case, tachiai is an initial movement.

The Usage of Tachiai Outside of Sumo

When we use the term, tachiai, in non-sumo world, we use it as a fight. So some sensei says I will “tachiau” with that guy. And it means, I will fight that guy.

Difference Between Tachiai And Jigeiko

Jigeiko is a keiko to train you and your kendo through fighting others, while tachiai is not a keiko (training). Sometimes we translate “tachiai” as a “demonstration” when two sensei show us their fight. Of course, there is a Japanese term for a demonstration, which is “mohan (example) jiai (match) or keiko (in this case it means jigeiko)”.

So tachiai implies more serious meaings than just a keiko or demonstration.

Hope this helps.

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