should i do kendo

by Reeva
(edmonton,AB canada)

I am a wimpy female 15 year old girl. I want to do kendo. But my parents don't want me to do it as they are afraid that I could be hurt. What should I do?

Answer: Thank you for your question. It is very important for you to make your own decision. If you really want to do kendo, you really have to do convince your parents.

It is true that you will get hurt when you train. But you also hurt others while you are learning. By hurting others and getting hurt you will learn how not to hurt others.

As long as you live you always hurt others. But you always have to do your best not to hurt others and you've got to learn how not to hurt others and how to protect yourself.

People who know pains can be really nice to others too.

It is your choice. Let us know what you are going to do. We may be able to help you to learn kendo.

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