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Jun 18, 2013
Age is not the issue, nor is gender
by: Cailin Coilleach


I just wanted to pipe in that neither age nor gender is an issue with kendo, or most other martial arts.
In our dojo we have children starting from six years, who practice with each other. Starting from ten they sometimes work with us adults. Of those kids, roughly a third to a half is young girls.
The rough'n'tough thing goes for so many sports! Hockey? You get wacked with a stick and break your hand. Horse riding? You could fall off. Soccer? Get a kick to the face. Don't even get me started about Australian Rules Indoor Quidditch! :) Thank you for sharing your comment. There are a lot of sports that are more dangerous than kendo. That’s true!

Jun 18, 2013
I'm a small woman who practices kendo--
by: Anonymous

--and Sensei is right, you will on occasion suffer injury. But as a semihard martial art, the risks are generally much less than they would be for, say, a judoka.

I think an important thing to remember is that you get stronger by doing hard things! You say you're wimpy--a lot of that is in the mind, and kendo is good for making your mind stronger as well as the body. I'm smaller than 95% of my opponents, but I love it. Thank you for sharing your comment. I am sure a lot of people find it very helpful!

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