Nine Circles

by Heshaam
(United Kingdom)

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Oct 14, 2011
Nine Circles UK
by: Gary

I got my 2mm bogu from nine circles nearly three years ago and have used it for an average of four sessions per week plus taikai, seminars, gradings etc. The men, do and tare are still in great condition, holes have just started to appear on the palms of the kote (due no doubt to me not gripping the shinai properly). The price I paid for the kit currently works out at under one pound sterling (= about one US dollor) per hour of keiko with plenty of wear left in it.

I highly recommend them.

Apr 27, 2010
My bougu is from Nine-Circles
by: Z (a Dutch kendoka)

I have been training in a pre-made bogu set from nine circles for the past couple of weeks now (a 3mm machine stitched naname-zashi).

And I have to say, it's really nice. In addition to the bogu itself which looks very decent with some nice decorations. I even got a bogu bag and all the necessary accessories with it, for a seemingly low price of 380 euros (including shipping and taxes etc).

So I also recommend nine-circles, at least when buying a pre-made bogu set as a beginner.

Kendo-Guide.Com: If you can give us your grade and how long you?ve been doing kendo, that would also help others. If I recall correctly, you are 1-dan, right? If I'm wrong, please forgive me.

Nov 29, 2018
Bogu seriously lacked protection
by: A French Kenshi

I own a 4mm machine stitched bogu from ninecircles, and used it for 4 years.

I felt a lot of pain whenever I got hit on my kote, even by high ranking people, but I thought it's normal. And, some men cuts made me feel a bit dizzy.

I have advanced in Dan ranks a fair bit since then, and learnt much more about Kendo and I realized how unprotective the bogu actually was after using other ones.

The padding is unsufficient, and the cost is low - but it seems the cost was cut on the protectiveness. I do not advice that bogu set at all.

The only redeeming factor is the price, which, honestly being able to avoid concussions and excessive bruises is much more important.

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