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This page is a review page for kendo shops in Europe. Europe covers a lot of countries. I’ve had emails asking how people in Europe could buy shinai and so on, but all I could say was “I don’t know”.

Since Europe has tremendous number of kendoists, I am sure there are good kendo shops in Europe. So please recommend a kendo shop so many future European kendoists can purchase the right kendo equipment.

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If you see a kendo shop that you have purchased a product from, please leave your review of the kendo shop following the instructions below.

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When you leave a negative comment, make sure that your comment will help the shop owner to improve their weakness.

This is just like kendo. We review others so they can improve, and in return we can get products in better quality and service.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Hiro Imafuji
Kendo For Life, LLC

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