Kendo Shop Review:
No more fake kendo equipment!

Welcome to kendo shop review page.

One thing I really wanted to do is to have kendo equipment shop review page.

That is because one of my students was sold a fake bokuto by a seller who told him that bokuto was for kendo.

I also have seen totally fake shinai.

How fake? Very...

If we used them, we would definitely hurt or kill our training partners.

They look shinai and use bamboo pieces but bamboos were not made for shinai.  They were too hard and would shatter for sure.

Those sellers are everywhere even in the well-known online shop.  I mean… Just shocking to know that fake equipment is everywhere.

I am sure many people out there have purchased tons of "kendo equipment" but they are not.

As a kendoist who loves kendo more than anything, I really want to prevent people who truly want to practice kendo from buying fake stuff.

I am sure that there are many true kendo shops everywhere too. But I cannot know them all.

So I need your help.

Please introduce and share a kendo shop with us. It does not matter where you live; I know you have a bogu shop that you buy some shinai all the time.

So please recommend a kendo shop to me by emailing me from here

I really really appreciate your help and I will thank you on behalf of all the kendoists in the world.

Hiro Imafuji
Kendo for Life, LLC

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USA, Canada

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