Instructions for Writing a Review

Please write as you are the reader of your review.

If you are looking for a good kendō products (equipment, books, DVD and so on), what are important factors or you to decide buying them?

When I look for a kendō product, I wonder...

  • If the kendō product is a real kendō product or not.
  • the product quality
  • service of the seller(including phone/email responses, return policy and etc.)

Also when you leave a review, please be as specific as possible.

For example,

“the service was good.”

does not give us any information.

We want to know

  • why you think the service was good
  • what the sell did to you

If you think the place was bad,
we want to know

  • what the shop did to you
  • what makes you think that you will not going to use the shop again.

When you leave some comment about a product you purchased,
we want to know

  • what product you are talking about (if you bought more than one) and
  • why it was good/bad.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!!

Hiro Imafuji
Kendo For Life, LLC