Need help beginning

I really want to begin learning kendo, but I don't know how I should pace myself. Where should I begin and stop a lesson? When should I move on to the next lesson?

Answer: Thank you for your question. I guess you don’t have a teacher? If you do, you must follow what your teacher tells you to do.

Where you should begin is always the basics. When you stop is when you do at least one thing correctly. Probably 30 minutes is enough at the beginning. Doing things correctly is very hard to do and need concentration. Of course, you can spend longer if you can keep your concentration.

Focus on etiquette and the basics if you are alone. You will get bored but it is to train yourself and I am sure you can always improve something.

Kendo is basically repetition of the same movements. And those who repeat the same things over and over sincerely and improve themselves little by little can understand a lot of teachings in kendo.

Kendo is not mere exercise but ongoing discipline. So we don’t really have a clear cut between each lesson.

Sorry if I couldn’t give you a spot-on answer to your question. It is hard to tell you without checking your level.

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