Memorandum of Dan/Kyu Examinations in an IKF Non-affiliated Country

I am seeking for more information about kyu examination in an International Kendo Federation NON-affiliated country.


Do you have any further information about the memorandum mentioned in the Article 14 ?

"In case of a Dan/Kyu examination held in a non-affiliated country, the ‘Memorandum of Dan/Kyu Examinations in an IKF Non-affiliated Country’ as of May 23, 2005 shall apply."


Answer: Thank you for your question. I cannot help you with this. But I think I can help you with how you should find that out.

“Dan/Kyu examination held in a non-affiliated country” is quite rare, I think. But I am also aware of such case.

However, I should not “guess” what it means and also should not give you my personal opinion, I will share what you could do.

First of all, contact a regional federation that your country is quite likely a part of.

Then explain your situation and ask them how you can sit an examination.

This is probably the best way for you to find out what you should do.

Hope this helps.

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