Maintain Your Body for Kendo

Are you healthy? Do you have any old injures? I bet you do not want to get hurt during kendo training. I certainly don’t.

It is so important to know how to maintain your body for kendo so you don’t have to stop training. 

My kendo history is a history of injuries. So I asked my chiropractor, Dr. Ken Golden, to give my students a lecture on how to maintain our body for kendo.

I met Dr. Golden for my shoulder problem. My left shoulder quit working 20 years after I injured it.

For 20 years, I have seen many doctors in Japan, New Zealand, Guatemala and America. I even had a surgery. But no one could even ease the pain I had. But Dr. Golden did.

Enjoy the video and learn how to maintain your body for kendo.

How to Maintain Your Body for Kendo

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