Kiai sound ?

by Satoru

I don't know how to explain it, but I didn't find yet my "kiai sound".

I try few things, but I always say "meeee atttaa" on men, and “te" on kote.

It's a very normal way to kiai, I would like to find something better.
I watched many kendo competitions, and kenshi has good sound. Sometimes it seems they speak to each other, like a conversation. It’s strange.

I would like to find a good kiai, perhaps I didn't find it because sometimes I hesitate to strike too much, and I don't trust me?

Answer: I don’t know why you shout "meeee atttaa" for “men” but basically it should be “mennnnnn”. Make the last sound longer and louder. So for kote, it should be “koteeeeee”.

Before you strike, have a lot of kiai. That means “shout as loud as you can”. A lot of people imitate kiai of the high grades so make their kiai very short. That is very advanced.

There may be some beginners who do not have to go through the basic steps. If you are normal like me, you should shout as loud as you can before you strike and pronounce the name of a target you are striking in a way that I mentioned above.

Many adult students think too much. So they forget about kiai. In jigeiko, many adult students forget about kiai. It is understandable because they are concentrating. But it does not do much to their kendo.

They are holding kiai inside so the energy stays in their body. The energy should go outwards not inwards. It should explode towards their opponent. That is how we, at least I, should have our kiai.

There are some articles about kiai so they may help you too.
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