How to develop a good kiai?

by Elliot

I have lots of problem with my kiai. Not only I feel they sound funny, but also each time after practice I have sore throat and my voice is not normal for a day or so.

Any suggestions or ideas how it's best to develop a good kiai?

Answer: You are on the right track. People say that kiai should come from the stomach, right? But if you are not used to do that, you have to lose your voice first.

So it works like this.

1. Shout as loudly as you can.
2. You will lose your voice.
3. You have to use your abs to shout after losing your voice.
4. You will start learning how to shout using your abs instead of using your throat.
5. You will develop a good strong kiai.

When I was a kid, I was trying to be a loudest kid at my dojo, where there were more than 50 kids training. Surely, my kiai sounded funny and people made fun of my kiai. :) But don't worry. You have to know how to use abs so losing your voice is a part of the process.

Good luck!

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