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This is a kendo video download page. In order to view the videos, you have to purchase the videos.

Since the start of The Cyber Dojo, I had provided free kendo instruction videos. However, it has become very difficult for me to keep providing videos for free. There are many costs involved.

However, I want to keep providing videos because many people have emailed me or left me comments telling me how those videos were helpful for them.

In addition, in order to make my dream, "to promote kihon-based kendo world-wide" really happen, I need more financial backup.

For those reasons, the videos here are not free. However, there are still many free videos in the subscribers' only area, and all articles are still free.

After purchasing

Once you purchase the videos, you can either watch them online or download them into your computer.

These video files are fairly big so it may take a while to complete its download process. The download time differs.

Once you download the video you can watch it on your computer or burn it to CD/DVD to watch it on TV. It is your choice.

I hope you enjoy the video/s you purchased and learn from them.

Thank you,

Hiro Imafuji

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