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Kendo Training - Children

This is a 37 min video of kids training.

At the very end, shihan gives very important advice on jigeiko. You may be able to get some ideas for your training menu.

Added June 2009

Bokuto niyoru Kenod Kihonwaza Keikoho
Bigger Screen but takes longer to display

Bokuto niyoru Kenod Kihonwaza Keikoho
Smaller Screen but takes shorter to display

Added January 2009
Jigeiko Example: At a Dojo in Japan 2

Added November 2008
Jigeiko Example: At a Dojo in Japan

Added July 2008
Zanshin After Kote Strike

Added July.2008
Opportunities to Strike


Hiki Waza
How to Strike Nuki Do
Do you move the hips or knee first?
Nice Katate Men by M. Komoto

Things around Butoku-den

Very solid Kendo

Nice Nito Ryu

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