Kendo is Easy:
If you can walk, you can do kendo:)

Kendo is easy. I can hear "Boo!" now :) But If you have seen a video called "How do you walk?" and read its article, it is easy to see why I say that.

If you can walk, You can do kendo

There are many weird movements in kendo. Not very weird but pretty unsual. I agree with that and especially for beginners.

However,there should be ways to learn them more easily, especially when we do not have role models around.

Many people, when they learn how to swing a sword, concentrate on the right hand, not the left hand.

This leads to the right handed kendo. It is very difficult to fix, especially when they start kendo at their adulthood.

When beginners are told to straighten their back, some stick their stomach out instead of "straightening" their back, which they do not do when they are walking.

Some become shorter when they do kendo because they are too tensed up.

Everyone has to go through these kinds of problems but the struggle is they do not know how to remedy the problems.

So always go back to the questions, "how do I walk?" and "how do I stand?" in daily life. These are extremely important when you do not have a sensei around you.

The way you "should" be walking is written in "The Way We Walk and Kendo".

If you forget how to stand, you can always go back to "Shizentai (Natural Posture) in Kendo".

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