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Don't you want to have kendo goods? I do! And I want to give my kendo mates a kendo related goods too! Wearing the same kendo T-shirts at a tournament or demonstration, you do feel a strong sense of bonding with your club members. Having a small sword as a letter opener makes me smile every time I open letters with it. 

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Like Japanese Culture? You will love this simple yet elegant design. Sounds exactly like Japanese, right?

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Help Kendoists to Have the Bokuto for Kendo

Who doesn't want to practice with the bokuto that are used in Japan? All the bokuto are not made for kendo. Without knowing what the bokuto for kendo feels like, there are some possibilities that you are developing bad habits, which happened to my students. 

At the beginning, these goods were to support myself with creating the kendo contents like writing articles, making videos and podcasts and to hold kendo events like getting sensei from Japan. 

But now there is one more purpose. In 2017, KND Quality Life started to sell the bokuto made for kendo at Amazon. That is because so many people don't have a bokuto made ONLY for kendo with the good sized tsuka, good weight and good balance.  So I imported the bokuto from Japan.

To keep providing the bokuto, I need to come up with earning money somehow because these bokuto are not cheap. If I keep selling the bokuto, that will eat up my savings. So I will have to stop providing the bokuto. 

Those products I am selling on the KND Quality Life is to provide the kendoists with the bokuto. Please support me by shopping at KND Quality Life at AmazonZazzle and Kendo Apparel.

Thank you!

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