Kendo Flat Feet

by Matt
(Iowa City, Iowa)

Hi sensei,

I currently have flat feet. It can be hard sometimes for me to strike from the balls of my feet.

I was wondering if that would affect my suriashi, especially my fumikomi or hiraki ashi. Also I was wondering if you have any tips on how to footwork with flat feet, or if I have to lower my heel a bit.

Thank you

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your post. I myself do not have good arches of the feet either. I used to walk on my tiptoe because I heard that it would fix or make the flat feet better but I am not sure it worked or not. :)

You might try one of those wrap to support your flat feet. I do not know how effective it is but I personally want to try it. I know my ankles are pushed inward due to my flat feet and I am sure that is not good for my knees too.

Now kendō with flat feet. I do not think you should worry about it too much. You must focus on “smoothness” in footwork.

Smoothness is created not with speed. You must know how far your feet should be from the floor and how to coordinate footwork with the entire body.

I am not sure what you mean by “strike from the balls of my feet”.

I always tell my students, when moving, their heels should be up and only toes are on the floor. Of course, we need to fine-tune that but that is the basic idea.

Hope this helps!

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