I cannot "flick" my wrist when striking small men and kote

I recently entered the bogu class.

But they didn’t teach us how to do the small men or the small kote

And I tried watching your videos on YouTube......

But I still can’t do the wrist flicking...............

So I was wondering if there are any exercises to work on that, as well as making the finish sharp.

Answer: Thanks for your question. And it is good to know that you are keen to learn more advanced skills! Keep it up!

Now what you are trying to do is very very difficult. And if you are not taught how to execute small strikes, probably your instructor thinks that you are not ready.

The wrist movement at the moment that your shinai contacts a target is very similar to throwing a ball or throwing a fishing line when you fish.

The best way of getting a hang of this feeling is to have your right hand close to your left hand and strike men as you do normally.

You should be able to feel the “flicking” at the kensaki (the tip of the sword).

This method is introduced in the video, How to Learn Kendo Movements More Easily and Quickly!.

Hope this helps.

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