How to Learn Kendo More Easily and Quickly

Eye Opening Methods of Easy and Quick Kendo Learning

This video gives you the quickest and easiest way to learn kendo movements. Inside this magnificent work you'll get over specific problems you have. Absolutely everything any kendo enthusiasts would need.

The work is divided up into five sections:

Section I: Kendo Basic Knowledge 

  • Explanation of Etiquette/Manners with Iaito 
  • How to Carry Your Sword and Why
  • How to Grab a Sword and Why 
  • How to Fix Your grip and more

Section II: How to Strike  

  • The process of Striking 
  • Fix Your Strike with a ball
  • Suburi in seiza 
  • Self‑checking methods 

Section III: Footwork 

  • How to Get The Idea Of Kendo Footwork
  • How to Get the Right Footwork
  • How to Get Rid of the habit of "Dragging"

Section IV: Fumikomi  

  • The Purpose of Fumikomi 
  • Change Your View of Fumikomi
  • How to Improve Your Fumikomi

Section V: Extra 

  • Tenouchi ‑ More than Just a Grip ‑ 
  • How to Improve your tenouchi
  • Small Men Strike
  • Teachings from a 9‑dan Sensei and more...

I hope you 

  • keep practicing kendo,
  • acquire the right movements from the beginning,
  • lean the firm basics,
  • build techniques easily upon the firm basics,
  • find kendo fun,
  • become a great sensei and...
  • lead the next generations!
> How to Learn Kendo More Easily and Quickly