Hurt Left foot. Impacts ability to train

by Victor Robinson
(Alpharetta, GA, USA)

I hurt my left foot during practice on Saturday, November 6th.

The toe next to my big toe was bend backwards but did not break. My Doctor suggested that I rest and not do anything for 1 to 2 months.

My Doctor says my foot is not broken just stressed and it has to heal. The doctor does not feel my toe needs to be immobilized when I showed him jumping men he says that is jamming the toe and that should be the last exercise I do till fully healed which may be May or June. He said that jumping rope is up and down but that is going back and forth on the toe.

When I have inquired with my Sensei or visiting Sensei they do not seem to be familiar with this type of injury and say I should be back in 2 weeks or did I go to a Chiropractor. I am about to go to an acupuncture specialist...have you ever heard of this type of injury. I am not resting till March but going to the gym with jogging, lifting weights with no problem.

Thanks for all your information.

Victor Robinson

Ni-Dan Georgia Kendo Alliance

Answer: Thanks for your post.

I am not familiar with the injury. I often jammed (may not be a proper word…?) the toe next to the big toe of the left foot.

Although I've never heard of such injuries before, I can understand why it occurred. Probably you push yourself forwards really hard with the left toes. This time, you left the weight in your left toe too long, maybe.

I cannot give you any medical advice since I am not a doctor. But if you feel a pain when you do kendo, you should stop and wait until it heals completely.

You never know how it will affect you and your kendo performance in the future. There should be people who can give you different perspectives.

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