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Aug 19, 2011
Hurt Left foot. Impacts ability to train
by: Tanno

The same happened to me, and I was crazy to pass my final exams for sho dan, while being injured, because I had no choice than doing so. I was lucky that they didn't include suburi geiko and kakari geiko in the final exams as they DO tire your foot more as if you're holding a 3kg weight on your foot.

Your Dr is right to tell you go rest yourself, because it needs to be returning back at its former self. After the Athens Taikai, I had to stop kendo for about 4 months (due of summer break) to take advantage of it to rest it more. Now I'm doing some bicycling training to make it up for the lost training I didn't have had those months.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thanks for sharing your experience!

Jan 11, 2011
Listen to your Dr.
by: Ron Fox

Unless your sensei are medically trained, listen to your Dr. rather than them for this. Do this politely. Sensei are trying to encourage you and make you feel that you can return earlier, but if you return while an injury is not yet healed, you will, at best, lengthen the time it will take to heal, at worst never let it heal.

I have learned this from long and bitter experience...and I am _not_ medically trained either.

Kendo-Guide.Com: Thank you for your post and sharing your experience. I have the same experience as yours!

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