How to Sit, Bow and Stand Up in Kendo

This kendo lesson is to share how to sit, bow and stand up from seiza in kendo. This is a video clip from my instruction to a beginner the other day.

Since I am instructing a beginner, it is more detailed so I hope this can help you too.

The beginner is using a bokuto so there are some confusing parts but please read below for more detail.

Here are Some Points

  • Since this beginner is using a bokuto (wooden sword), I am using my right hand to show what to do with his sword.
  • When sitting down, make sure you lift your sword up to your hipbone so you can protect your sword hitting the floor.
  • We usually line up so when sitting down and getting up, be careful with breaking the line.

Compare this with the video, “How to Sit in Kendo“.

Now this is a mokuso article.

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